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Image by Wulan Sari

Planning For Delivery

If you have not yet delivered your baby, take your time to develop a plan.  You will have many difficult decisions to make.  Your healthcare team can help you with these decisions. Here are a few things to consider:  

Ask questions.  If you cannot immediately ask one of the healthcare team members, write your questions down so you can remember them later. 

Create a birth plan.  This will help let your healthcare providers know what is important to you.  There are many stillbirth plans available online or you can use our “Wishes for Our Birth” visual birth plan. 

Interact with your baby. 

  • Spend as much time as you can with your baby 

  • Give your baby a bath 

  • Read a book to your baby 

  • Ask your healthcare providers to help with handprints/footprints 

  • Dress your baby 

Take pictures.  Even if you don’t think you will ever look at them, it’s a good idea to have photos in case you change your mind one day. Ask your healthcare provider what options are available to you at your hospital or you can ask a trusted family member to capture these moments.  

Observe Traditions.  Rituals and traditions are one way to honor the memory of your baby.   

  • Naming baby 

  • Funerals/memorial services 

  • Baptism 

  • Blessing 

Create Keepsakes. Keepsakes can provide valuable memories. 

  • Blankets/clothing the baby used 

  • Lock of hair 

  • Handprints/footprints 

  • Journal about your baby or your thoughts and feelings 

  • Write a letter to your baby 

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