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Creating Meaningful Memories

Helping parents to create memories and keepsakes is one of the most important roles of the nurse caring for families experiencing pregnancy or infant loss.  These mementos help provide proof of the baby’s existence, validate the role as parents, and solidify the baby’s place in the family unit.  Here are just a few ways that nurses can help the family create lifelong memories:

Leather Camera


Take Photographs

Photographs provide undeniable proof of the baby's existence.  Try to capture special moments with the baby, such as:

  • Family photos 

  • Bath time 

  • Baby in a special outfit


Weighted Stuffed Animals

Ensure that mothers do not leave with empty arms by creating a weighted stuffed animal customized to the baby's birth weight.

Baby Toes


Footprints & Handprints

Put footprint and handprints on keepsake items such as:

  • Small canvas

  • Baseball

  • Ornaments


Memory Box

Fill a memory box or shadow box with items used in the care of the baby.  Examples include:

  • blankets & hats

  • tape measure

  • lock of hair

Baby Clothing


Memorial Jewelry

  • Locket

  • Baby name keychain

  • Beaded bracelet


Casts of Hands & Feet

For many parents, casts of the hands and feet are cherished, tangible memories of their infant.

Image by Joanna Kosinska



Validate the role of parents by completing an acknowledgement of life certificate.

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