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Definitions & Missouri Vital Records

Early pregnancy loss (Miscarriage) 

  • Less than 20 completed weeks gestation AND 

  • less than 350 grams AND 

  • no signs of life 

The birth/loss is not reported to the Missouri State registrar.  Consider printing an Acknowledgement of Life certificate. 


Late Pregnancy Loss (Stillbirth) 

  • At least 20 weeks gestation OR 

  • weight of 350 grams or more AND 

  • no signs of life 

Report to Missouri State Registrar: 

Parents can apply for “Certificate of Birth Resulting in Stillbirth” 


Neonatal death 

Any signs of life, regardless of gestational age, such as: 

  • heart rate 

  • breathing 

  • movement 

  • pulsation of the umbilical cord 

File birth certificate as usual 

Mortuary or Medical Examiner will complete Death Report 

Obtain copies of birth certificate/death certificate: 

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